Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 1 - 3 Day Refresh

I started the 3 Day Refresh on Monday, April 4, 2016 - this is how day 1 went:

I'm actually a little surprised that I'm not hungrier or grumpy.
I thought I would be when I realized the amount of food I'd be eating. Today has been good, not great, but overall I'm sustaining.
Am I hungry? Slightly, but usually have a meal or snack coming up so it's not that bad. Definitely drinking more water than I usually do and I've noticed the change there. I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight. I made enough of one of the recipes to enjoy last night as well, so good!

Day 1 Breakfast
So I didn't take a picture of it, but during the mid-morning you're supposed to drink the Fiber Sweep. I did that, and I found it to be disgusting. I don't know what went wrong but the texture was awful. Stay tuned for how the rest of the 3 days went!

Day 1 Lunch

Day 1 Afternoon Snack
Day 1 Dinner
I absolutely LOVE this dish! I had some last night to test it out. Definitely will use this for meals later on. I'm also really enjoying the vanilla fresh shake too. You can check out the recipe here.

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