Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 2 - 3 Day Refresh

Today I failed.
I couldn't do it.
I was STARVING and drinking more water just made me pee more. For some reason the timing of my meals and snacks were off, which had me eating dinner around 4pm. I didn't bring dinner to the office with me.
Day 2 - Fiber Sweep "Down the Hatch!"

Day 2 - Lunch
I didn't make a good choice.

I went to the local grocery store and had 2 slices of cheese pizza from their pizza shop - it was convenient and cheap. I was there because I needed to buy more veggies for tomorrow. I resisted all other temptations and am back on track for dinner. I'll have to adjust for tomorrow.

I think I'm 'cheating' a little but decided to adjust my food for tomorrow. Still sticking to water at wake up, shakeo and fruit, the dreaded fiber sweep, and then lunch is where I've adjusted. It says 1 vegetable but I did half of a serving of spinach, 1/4 tomato, and 1/4 cucumber to make a salad. Everything else stays on track. Hopefully with this and scheduling out I'll stay the course all day. One more day; how bad can it be? Oy! smile emoticon

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