Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 3 - 3 Day Refresh

On Day 3 I woke up feeling good. 

I woke up and drank 8 oz of water. For breakfast I had Shakeology and a cup of fruit.

Lunch is where I switched things up! Instead of just doing one vegetable as my serving, I took three kinds for one serving to make a salad and added avocado as my healthy fat. I also had a cup of watermelon for my fruit and the vanilla fresh shake. Today is going well!

Day 3 - Lunch. I loved this salad!
Dinner I had the same cucumber and tomato salad. I like it, but I definitely started to get bored with it today.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 2 - 3 Day Refresh

Today I failed.
I couldn't do it.
I was STARVING and drinking more water just made me pee more. For some reason the timing of my meals and snacks were off, which had me eating dinner around 4pm. I didn't bring dinner to the office with me.
Day 2 - Fiber Sweep "Down the Hatch!"

Day 2 - Lunch
I didn't make a good choice.

I went to the local grocery store and had 2 slices of cheese pizza from their pizza shop - it was convenient and cheap. I was there because I needed to buy more veggies for tomorrow. I resisted all other temptations and am back on track for dinner. I'll have to adjust for tomorrow.

I think I'm 'cheating' a little but decided to adjust my food for tomorrow. Still sticking to water at wake up, shakeo and fruit, the dreaded fiber sweep, and then lunch is where I've adjusted. It says 1 vegetable but I did half of a serving of spinach, 1/4 tomato, and 1/4 cucumber to make a salad. Everything else stays on track. Hopefully with this and scheduling out I'll stay the course all day. One more day; how bad can it be? Oy! smile emoticon

Bargain Hunters wanted!

Where are my bargain hunters at?

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Day 1 - 3 Day Refresh

I started the 3 Day Refresh on Monday, April 4, 2016 - this is how day 1 went:

I'm actually a little surprised that I'm not hungrier or grumpy.
I thought I would be when I realized the amount of food I'd be eating. Today has been good, not great, but overall I'm sustaining.
Am I hungry? Slightly, but usually have a meal or snack coming up so it's not that bad. Definitely drinking more water than I usually do and I've noticed the change there. I'm really looking forward to dinner tonight. I made enough of one of the recipes to enjoy last night as well, so good!

Day 1 Breakfast
So I didn't take a picture of it, but during the mid-morning you're supposed to drink the Fiber Sweep. I did that, and I found it to be disgusting. I don't know what went wrong but the texture was awful. Stay tuned for how the rest of the 3 days went!

Day 1 Lunch

Day 1 Afternoon Snack
Day 1 Dinner
I absolutely LOVE this dish! I had some last night to test it out. Definitely will use this for meals later on. I'm also really enjoying the vanilla fresh shake too. You can check out the recipe here.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

#SummerStrong: 22 Minute Hard Corps

I've committed to completing 22 Minute Hard Corps as my next fitness program! I'm excited to work with Tony Horton again as I really enjoyed 10 Minute Trainer and still use those workouts from time to time.
Want to join me?

Tonight is your LAST chance to pick up 22 Minute Hard Corps in a challenge pack OR just buy the program and get FREE shipping!
Ask me how!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Safety First

As a fur mom and active individual I am always looking out for new gear that will keep Savannah or myself safe. One of my teammates just posted about the RoadID on Facebook and I have to share.

This is a great feature for anyone who walks, runs, bikes, or does outdoor activities. They also have options for pets too.

Check out more about the RoadID by clicking the link above or checking out this video below.

Day One

This is not my first day, but it will be the new beginning of my fitness journey and my business. Let's get this show on the road!

I started my Beachbody journey back in June of 2015. I finally broke down and said enough was enough. I purchased a 21 Day Fix challenge pack and I haven't really looked back since! It's amazing what can happen and what you're capable of when you make the right choices!

I feel in love with my lifestyle changes and am excited to share it with others. I can help you too - will you let me?

One of the reasons I had been hesitant before was the fact that all I ever saw were thin or at least thinner woman then me doing the fitness challenges or coaching. I didn't think it was for someone who was tipping the scale at 300lbs. However, I did it. I signed up. I committed to completing the program. It was not easy. After the first day I wanted to give up. I completed the exercise with no weights and followed Kat (who I absolutely adore) as the modifier. The next day I could barely walk, sit, or do much of anything because my legs were so sore! I was turned off. I was about ready to throw in the towel. I didn't buy this program to get beat up and put down - yet again. However, with the support of my challenge group I was pushed to continue. I got up the next day, still a little sore, and I moved on! I completed day two, day three, day four, and I kept on going until I reached Day 21!

It was difficult at times but overall not as bad as I had imagined that it could be. We really are our own worst enemies and negativity will always keep us down.


Overall I was able to lose inches from all over my body and two pant sizes! I have kept those off as I've allowed work to get in the way of my journey, but that doesn't mean I am not working! I still workout as much as possible, but I don't get an actual fitness program workout in every day. I also can do better with my diet - but I am a work in progress and I will continue on this journey! I feel better and that's worth everything!